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Professional counseling for Arabic language and culture

Our professional and experienced staff provides advice and guidance in spoken Arabic and MSA (Modern Standard Arabic), to civilian and security organizations operating in the Arab market. We consult and advise executives and business people in negotiating and establishing a business relationship with the Arab world. We provide tailored solutions to face future challenges and be prepared for unexpected situations in a dynamic and ever-changing world.

Arab world of business Placeholder
Arab world of business

The Arab World of Business

In recent years, we have witnessed Arab countries trading with Israel and other Western countries, in numerous fields, leveraging the local market in Arab countries.

Openness in the Arab world creates new opportunities for advancing relations with Arab states, negotiating and business cooperation.

Muslim % in The European Union

The historical change following the fall of Arab regimes directly affects Western society in general and European societies in particular. The map illustrates the absorption of millions of refugees coming from the Middle East. The number of Muslims living in European countries today ranges from 38 to 53 million people (7% to 5% of the general population).

The Muslim population in Europe will continue to grow in the coming decades (even if immigration to the continent is completely halted), due to natural birth. We shouldn’t neglect and overlook the population’s impact on our economy, culture, and society. 

Muslim Percentage in Europe Placeholder
Muslim Percentage in Europe
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Counseling & Guidance

We advise and direct staff in both the private and public sector.

Team Training

Training professional teams from service providers to management level

Language & Culture

Counseling business people and executives and helping them understand the culture and language 


Teaching companies & businessmen how to establish a business relationship and acquire negotiation skills with the arab world

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